Referring your patient

General and referral enquiries
Phone: 07939 551681

Or email me directly via the N3 network to preserve confidentiality at

I’m also happy to discuss potential referrals over the phone. So please let me know when would be a good time to call you.

You can also book an appointment directly via my online booking service. As can your patient.

I see both self-funding patients and those covered by healthcare insurance. It’s usually a condition of insurance companies that I receive a written GP referral.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see me privately and then continue seeing me under the NHS as my NHS work is in a highly specialist service.

After the appointment

After your patient’s appointment, I’ll generally send you a letter outlining the agreed care plan.

However, sometimes a patient wants a referral but no paper trail. So as long as they’re self-funding and there are no clinical risk issues, it’s up to your patient whether anything gets written back to you.

Ongoing appointments

It may be that I see your patient as a one-off to confirm a diagnosis and treatment options without the need for further follow-ups. I’m not in the habit of booking patients in for routine follow-ups if it’s not necessary.

Governance and guidelines

I also work in the NHS, so I’m subject to standard NHS clinical governance, CPD, appraisal and revalidation requirements.

I’m aware of various CCG (Care Commissioning Group) prescribing guidelines and endeavour wherever possible to suggest treatment options that adhere to them. This will enable you to continue prescribing whatever I recommend, or I can assist in making a clinical case to local prescribing/formulary committee if a non-formulary or off-licence indication is suggested.

I’m also registered and experienced in the prescription of Controlled Drugs and in many cases have negotiated shared care prescribing arrangements with primary care where appropriate.

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