Appointments available in Chelsea, Roehampton Priory and St Anthony’s Hospitals. Find out more about locations here and book directly online here.

Due to increases in room rental and medical insurance rates, consultation fees are changing from 1st Jan 2018. Please see
here for details.

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Just about anyone can go through a period in their life where they struggle to cope and need some support to help them through. Many of these people never imagined they would need to see a psychiatrist. But often when they do, they’re glad of the help they receive.

As a fully medically trained consultant psychiatrist I see people from all walks of life, who are referred to me via their GPs and other professionals such as therapists, counsellors and nurses. Through a combination of therapy, medication, practical support and genuine care, I help people get on the road to recovery as soon as possible and go on to lead more fulfilling lives.